Monday, July 22, 2013


This post is about olives.
It's also because my mother told me that she checked twice today to see if I posted something new. 

In the Shuk there are many vendors, and a lot of the vendors sell the same things. Spices, olives, veggies, dried fruit, things like that. 
There is a big fad among the tourists to come to the Shuk with their fancy cameras and spend 2 hours taking pretty pictures of all the vendors and their wares. 

Yesterday I was in the Shuk and had some extra time on my hands. (I always have time on my hands, I just decided to hang out instead of going back home)

I tried to act touristy and take a picture of the olives, without actually looking like a tourist taking pictures of olives. Because I am not. A tourist. 

This picture required a lot of maneuvering on my part because I had to simultaneously taste and buy olives while getting the picture at an artsy angle. All of this without the guy realizing that all I was doing there was taking a picture of olives.

I got the shot although now that I have the picture I am not quite sure I understand the appeal. Maybe tomorrow I will go take pictures of spices instead. 
Or you know, do something productive -  like get a job. 

*Friend available - I like coffee, mocking strangers, and taking pictures


  1. yeh i never really saw the draw of pictures of olives... take pictures of the bakery items !!!!! that i'll go for :)

  2. Pictures of olives are taken by people who own Mediterranean restaurants in America where they hang them on the wall for cheap. Mind you, why would a cheap restaurant owner be visiting the Mediterranean in the first place? Oh ya because all kosher restaurant owners in America are Israeli. I like your blog girl. . .keep it up.